The Latest Lose Weight Today with YOGA!

The Latest Lose Weight Today with YOGA!

Out of the many things that India is known for in her contribution to the world, ‘Yoga’ is perhaps one of the most important and popular exports. From the ancient times, the ascetics, the ‘rishis’ and the ‘munis’ of India have been practicing this form of art and science and deriving the benefits of enlightenment that accompany […]

What are the main benefits of the book than weight loss.

Joint pain and arthritis · Mental health Strength Respiratory problems Anti-Ageing Cardiovascular Flexibility Anti-Ageing Obesity Memory Improvement

Table of content

Chapter 1 – Introducing Yoga 3 Benefits of Yoga Chapter 2- Weight Loss With Yoga 5 The liver The thyroid gland The nervous system Heart rate Chapter 3 – The Genesis Of Yoga 7 Vedic Pre-Classical Classical Post Classical Chapter 4: Different Yoga Schools 8 Chapter 5: Major Health Benefits Of Yoga 9 Chapter 6: […]